Letter — Proud to back Rowe for probate

I am writing to express my support for T.R. Rowe for probate judge.

T.R. is one of the most genuine and warm people I am proud to have gotten to know over the years. Trumbull is lucky to have T.R. in our community and to have T.R as our current judge of probate. He is a man who has proven to care deeply for this town and for the many neighbors in it. He has shown great empathy and always exhibits a gentle approach to hard and difficult issues.

It is clear to anyone who knows him that his connection to and love for his family guides him everyday and provides him the inspiration he needs in the courtroom. This is a man who defines terms like “family man” and “honorable,” both characteristics which are necessary in a family court.

I am proud to support T.R Rowe for judge of probate. Please join me and re-elect T.R. Rowe for judge of probate.

John Angiolillo