Letter — Proposed district change is bad for democracy

Trumbull Democrats again this year have tried to change the number of voting districts we have in our town. Originally, the town of Trumbull was a four-voting district town, then Trumbull Democrats changed it 30+ years ago to give them a greater advantage each election year with seven.

The town charter says that each political party can only have enough candidates that are one less than the number of seats on the town council in each district. So, if a district has only three seats on the town council then each political party can only have two (one less) candidates which automatically gives the other party a free seat.

So, with this formula the more voting districts you have, the more “automatic” seats are given to each political party. Currently, we have four voting districts so by the town charter each political party will receive four automatic seats, we have two political parties, so a total of eight seats (of 21 seats) before the polls even open! Under this model you the voter get to decide which party gets 13 of the 21 or 62% of the town council seats!

If the Trumbull Democrats get in office they will change it to seven districts, then 14 seats (seven seats for each of the two political parties) are already allocated before you even get to the polls on Election Day! You the voter then get to select which party will sit in only seven or 33% of the town council seats! How is that democracy?

The seven-voting district petition was never about voter turnout because if that group used the correct data you would have found that voter turnout actually increased 3.1% since 2007. So, not only did the petition have incorrect and insufficient data, they never mentioned the effect it would have on your vote of our town council. This petition was misleading to all those people who signed it because they were never told the real reason for the petition in the first place. However, if Vicki Tesoro and the Trumbull Democrats get control they promised to change it back to seven voting districts which is bad for democracy and bad for Trumbull.

Lastly, with seven voter district model only 28 people total can run for town council which is less than the 34 allowed with the four-voting district model. Having four voting districts gives you the voter more choices of who you want on the town council. It’s quite ironic that the Trumbull Democrats talk of better representation and inclusion but want less people getting involved in government and take away your voting power.

So, elect Republicans and keep your power to vote and be able to select more of whom you want on the town council. By voting Democrat, you will lose, the political parties will control two-thirds of town council seats automatically.