Letter: Probate judge is important office

To the Editor:

One of the most important offices on the Nov. 4 ballot is way down the line on the ballot. It is the office of Probate Judge. Many of us don’t think about the office and assume it is about dying which is not a pleasant thought. The Probate Court deals with guardianships of children, of the mentally retarded, conservatorships of those who are unable to handle their own affairs, names changes, adoptions and much more.

The candidate I am supporting is Judge T.R. Rowe. My husband, John, was the Probate Judge for Trumbull, Monroe and Easton for 35 years, so I think I know the ins and outs of the office and the qualities that are needed to handle the position. One needs to be fair-minded, diligent, compassionate and caring.

T.R. possesses all of these qualities. He is totally committed to his family and to his community. He has served on the Trumbull Town Council and as our state representative in Hartford for 14 years. He has volunteered with the Kennedy Center in Bridgeport and on the advisory Board of the Caroline House which helps teach women learn English and teaches them life skills. I have known T.R. since he was in law school and have watched him grow into the wonderful man he is today. So on Nov. 4, go down the entire ballot to the position of Probate Judge and vote for T.R. Rowe.

Diane T. Chiota