Letter: Politics makes us act like toddlers

To the Editor:

Too often politics are not about common sense, but about power and throwing it on the floor like a two year-old in the height of a temper tantrum. So why have we come to accept this behavior as ‘acceptable’ in the political arena?

The short answer is, because everyone does it. We have slowly, but surely lowered our ethical standards, both locally and nationally.

Social media has given us license to act like a gang of two year-olds smearing fingerpaints on their classmates’ masterpiece, all without having to leave the comfort of our cozy living room Barcalounger.

If we want our society to change we need to demand higher standards in behavior and accountability from local and national politicians, and of ourselves. We need to demand our system works towards better results. We need to set term limitations, locally and nationally. Setting term limitations is perhaps the only way to ensure a system where we are not at risk of breeding power-mongers, corruption, and unethical behavior. We need to stop being lazy, and be accountable for our votes.

Pam Georgas