Letter: Police union supports charter changes

To the Editor:

The Trumbull Police Union supports the Charter Revision in regards to Question 2 and 3 and we hope the voters will vote YES on these questions. The questions will appear on the Nov. 4th ballot regarding the funding of the Town’s actuarial required contribution to its pension funds. We urge the voters of this great town to vote YES.

Here’s our position: We come to work every day to protect our citizens and visitors. We take this responsibility seriously. We’re proud to know that Trumbull has been recognized as one of the safest towns to live in. We take credit for that but we also give credit to the citizens because we truly can’t do this job alone. It takes a community.

We sacrifice our safety for yours. It’s what we do. We don’t consider this to be the act of a hero. We consider this to be an act of altruism. We serve a greater good.

But, just like the majority of Trumbullites, we have families that we love, love us, and that we have to support. We are viewed as “cops” by the public, but when we get to go home, we’re looked at as husbands, wives, moms, dads, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers. There’s always the looming threat that we may not go home that day. But, it’s what we do. It’s a risk we take. We serve a greater good.

Our union supports the ballot questions not just for those reasons, but for the greater good of the community. We’ve educated ourselves regarding the credit rating agencies’ opinions that tackling this issue will place Trumbull in greater financial standing. We know that capital projects like school improvements will have to be bonded in the future. Having a stronger credit rating will save the taxpayers of Trumbull, which many of us are, money in interest payments. We believe Ballot Question 2 and 3 should be voted YES and is a win-win for all.

The Charter Revision Commission unanimously recommended these revisions that fix the pension funds and improve the Town’s credit rating. The financial rating agencies have agreed that these revisions make sense and long term will save Trumbull taxpayers money. These revisions have strong bipartisan support. Will you join us in voting “YES” for questions 2 and 3 on Tuesday, Nov. 4th?

Robert Coppola Union President