Letter: Please take your garbage home

To the Editor:

Back in April I wrote a Letter to the Editor concerning the garbage on the Rails to Trails, where a group of of us walk everyday.

We spoke with Elaine Wang, Chief of Staff, Town Hall, and she told us she would look into the problem. I believe that Ms. Wang had contacted a new group of volunteers to pick up the garbage because the trail does look cleaner. We still place a black garbage bag at the fence where walkers can place their garbage.

The problem is that the dog walkers pick up the dog “poop” and put it into their own plastic bags, and leave them along the trail. It would be so much better if these people would take their bags of dog poop home with them, and place them in their own trash. Most of the dog walkers put these plastic bags full of dog poop in the black plastic bag on the fence. These plastic bags are hurting our environment! Please trail walkers, won't you please take your garbage home with you — especially the plastic bags full of dog poop. Let’s protect our environment, and our beautiful trail.

Geraldine Brady