Letter: Please, more reporting

To the Editor:
My family has long subscribed to The Trumbull Times for local news and information. While I’ve enjoyed hearing about community events there and do not expect to find investigative type reporting in the paper, I was extremely disappointed by the lack of even simple detail in recent articles.
For example, the story last week about new businesses in town glorified the new commercial developments, which presently consist of package stores as anchors at each site, while making no mention of the continuing vacancies (e.g. former Porricelli’s site in Trumbull Center, which closed nearly three years ago) around town or what the Long HIll development, which includes eight apartments, might mean for further commercial development along Main Street.
The story about Trumbull adding 68 acres of open space sounded great, but absolutely no detail was provided as to the particular meaning of the Town of Trumbull acquiring property from the Trumbull Land Trust or what, if any, cost there was to the town for doing so.
With a new editor at the helm, maybe this is a good opportunity for a change toward more detailed reporting in The Trumbull Times.
Ralph Balducci