Letter: Plan for education

To the Editor:

Your Democratic District 3 Town Council candidates will work to strengthen our school system, a system that prepares our students to live and compete in the global economy of the 21st century, and that will enhance the value of our homes.

We support the Democratic platform that places educational priorities above the political; reduces pay to participate fees; adheres to the district’s class size guidelines; and keeps classroom technology current and assures that our teachers can use it. It also supports the Elementary Enrollment Advisory Committee that seeks to eliminate the enrollment imbalance across our schools.

A strong education system benefits every Trumbull citizen. To that end, all our children must be given the tools to enable them to develop and apply their talents to reach their full potential. Trumbull's Public Schools deliver above average results at a well below average cost per pupil. The Board of Education deserves our respect, not the politically motivated criticism it has endured over the past four years.

An investment in education is the best investment a community can make.

We respectfully ask that you support us and our Democratic Board of Education colleagues to assure our fellow citizens that Trumbull will continue to enjoy a school system that is a credit to our community.

As Town Council members your Democratic team will make these objectives a part of a program that will consider the important issues placed before us. We ask you, the voter to support us on Nov. 5.

Town Council District 3 candidates: Jerome Goldstein, Vicki Tesoro, Paul Hongo, Jr., Roy Fuchs