Letter: Paving a path for our children's future

To the Editor:

We need leadership that will not only pave roads but pave a path for our children's future. Trumbull's eighth grade Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) tests ranked 20 out of 20, the very bottom, when compared to our District Reference Group. How did this happen? For the past six years the Republican majority accepted the status quo, or less, for schools and we now feel the painful results of the 'less than status quo' approach. Teachers are short-changed with minimal professional development opportunities and little resources, both restricting advancement and innovation. The Town's image is lessened; worse, our children are left with a lesser quality education than others.

The Republicans held tightly to, and touted, the high marks of 'opinion' surveys, focused on reducing sports fees and stopping international travel vs. curriculum and teacher supports. My name is Susan LaFrance and I have lived in Trumbull since 2003. I earned a M.B.A. and M.S.W., co-developed the Elementary S.T.E.M. Program in 2012, served on the Board of Finance (alternate) during 2012-2013 and am a current member of the Board of Education. I will continue to advocate for transparency, smart fiscal planning, and focus on student achievement. We need new leadership that will develop a District Wide Improvement Plan to ensure our children have access to an excellent education to reach their potential. Let's start the plan on November 3! I ask for you to vote for the Democratic ticket - it is time for change.
 Susan LaFrance,
Board of Education Candidate