Letter: Parks employees shouldn't ignore trash

To the Editor:

I want to start by saying that I love living in Trumbull. Some of the things that I like most about Trumbull are our gardens, open spaces, tennis courts and parks.

The Parks and Recreation Department do a great job, for the most part. However, I have one very large complaint to which I can’t seem to get any official response this year. One morning last week I was playing tennis at Tashua and the grass was being mowed. Since the town does not supply our courts with garbage cans someone regularly ties a big, black trash bag to the fence near a gate for the garbage that players create. Very nice of them. Never saw a problem with that since whoever puts it there apparently also takes it away full. However, last week the bottom of the bag was ripped out. Most of the contents of the bag had fallen out. Not sure how that had happened but the man riding the mower just ran the garbage over with the mower. And you know what happens when you ride over just one piece of garbage — you create fifty pieces of garbage. Now multiply that one hundred fold. It was a mess. A friend and I spent quite some time picking up the little, itzy, bitzy pieces before we played. I contacted Parks and Rec and left a voicemail about this. The man, apparently in charge, called me back and suggested that it would be more efficient to email my comment so I sent the following email (edited here for brievity):

“I spoke with you last year about when the men mow and they don’t bother to pick up a piece of garbage and the mower turns ONE piece of garbage into MANY.

[here I explained what had happened most recently]

I took photos on my cell phone which I would be happy to show you.

If an employee is not willing or ABLE to get on and off the mower to pick up trash then perhaps that employee should either be reassigned or replaced.

I LOVE Trumbull’s parks and the results of that kind of work ethic reflect very poorly on my town.

I would be happy to come to you if you wish to see the photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to get them from my cell phone to email.

Please call me to discuss what will be done to prevent this from happening in the future.”

I got ZERO response.

Then just the other day I saw a different employee mowing in Twin Brooks. And he ran over garbage too.

I realize that you can’t get on and off the mower every time you see a gum wrapper but, hey, the garbage I am seeing is much bigger, more obvious and more significant than a gum wrapper.

I try to do my part by always having plastic bags with me when I play tennis or when I walk in the parks or on our streets but the people who are paid to keep our parks looking good need to do a bit more.

Debbie Hunt-Scribner