Letter: Painting not meant to insult, upset

To the Editor:

I am truly sorry that Pastor Gannon and some church members are upset  because Mother Teresa appears in the same Great Minds Collection painting with Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

We never meant to be offensive to people of faith.  In fact, a painting of Jesus is one of the first in the collection. Included in the painting, Jesus the Savior, are the words “Forgive Them.” And the biography accompanying the painting stresses His message of love, forgiveness, compassion and humility.

I believe in the possibility that Mother Teresa, who has been beatified by the Catholic Church, who is world renowned for her compassion, would find a way to make common ground with Margaret Sanger, and work with her in love and forgiveness.  This painting acknowledges women and their dedication to mankind without judgement of their particular work. The writer, the artist, and myself intended no insult. We know that there are differences of opinion and would like to conclude this issue in the spirit of forgiveness and cordial understanding.

Richard and Jane Resnick

 Richard Resnick is the owner of the Great Minds Collection and his wife, Jane, wrote the descriptions that accompany all the paintings, now on display at The Trumbull Library.