Letter: Out of touch with Trumbull values

To the Editor:

Doug Sutherland is running for State Representative from the 123rd district. Sutherland often talks about “Trumbull Values” in his mailers. Do you know what Trumbull values are Mr. Sutherland?

In getting the endorsement of the socialist Working Families Party, Sutherland said in a recent release that it sends a message to all politicians about the values voters care about. Really? The facts are Sutherland has been endorsed by a group created by the discredited group ACORN and the State employee unions. ACORN, an organization that had been under investigation for misuse of funds and voter fraud.

Sutherland and Working Families supported Gov. Dan Malloy, who passed a $2.6 billion tax increase on hard working Trumbull Families — the largest in state history. Sutherland’s Working Families Party, fought for that tax increase, including a retro-active income tax.

Sutherland is simply out of touch with Trumbull values. He would be beholden to the state labor unions and the radical “working family party.” His ideas are wrong, his allegiance is wrong and his values are wrong. I urge my fellow Trumbull residents to reject this candidate and re-elect David Rutigliano on Nov. 4th.

Richard Moore