Letter: Our family tradition

To the Editor:

On Dec. 17,1994, we moved into our house we just built. Convincing my husband that we needed to have a tree, regardless of the amount of work it was to move in, was tough, but he said yes. So, as we have done since we were married in September of 1990, we would go out and cut down our tree.

Thinking of how much work it would be to decorate, I called our families to come over to help decorate and to have dinner. We had many different ornaments — nothing of a theme, so wherever the ornaments landed on the tree is where they staid.  We had such a great time that we told everyone we would have them come back next year to decorate the tree. And so it has become our family tradition to have everyone over to decorate our tree.

Our tree trimming party is a brunch on a Sunday, so the entire family and our close friends can make it. Another tradition that everyone looks forward to at the party is my Creme Brûlée french toast! We eat then decorate.

As the years come, we soon have little ones joining us and how cute it is to look back at the tree to see so many ornaments near the bottom of the tree. It makes us all laugh. Oh and please I can not forget our hookers. Yes, our hookers. These are the chosen seniors to hook our ornaments and hand them out to us to place on the tree.

In September of 2007, my mother in law passed away. As I was shopping for a new ornament, I came across these beautiful glass Lenox Angels. I thought how wonderful these would be in memory of her. After all the ornaments are put on the tree each one of our immediate family takes an angel to place on the tree in memory of Joanne. I have a ornament frame photo of her that my father in law places on the tree as well.

After the tree is done my husband puts on a train ornament that toots when you turn on the lights to the tree — another part of this tree trimming party tradition. Then the star is placed on top and we enjoy the rest of the afternoon together as we have been doing for the past 21 years.

Lisa D'Agostino