Letter — Oregonian supports Gadkar-Wilcox

Like most people, I feel exhausted by the political conversation at the moment. Despite this, I’m writing from Oregon to ask that you support Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox on Tuesday, and I’m asking because she’s a friend, a colleague, and someone who gives me hope for the future of our political life in this country.

I work with Sujata through the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights. In addition to her day job at Quinnipiac and her energetic campaign, she also works to bring students together from around the country to discuss the ways that we can be better human beings to one another and to those struggling around the world.

In the years I have worked with her in this program, I have been inspired not only by her genuine commitment to the topic, but by the way she relates to each person involved. She is the best and kindest colleague you can imagine, but she’s also the one of the team who is constantly pushing to expand our invitation list to community college students and to others who don’t imagine a seminar at Oxford University as a possibility.  

When I think about who I want as a leader, I want someone like Sujata.

I want someone who is committed to ethical and balanced political decisions.

I want someone who follows through with their promises.

I want someone who has dedicated their life to understanding the law and the impact it has on people throughout society.

I want someone who makes me feel valued, and who will show up to prove it.

I want politicians who are tireless in addressing the real problems in a community, whether it’s congested highways or constitutional questions. I want someone dedicated to bringing people together for positive change.

If I lived in Trumbull, I would vote for Sujata, and I would feel that it was a vote for me and for my future.  
Katie Dwyer
Portland, Oregon