Letter: No one more qualified than Laura Devlin

To the Editor:

I have been honored to serve as the 134th district state representative for the past six years. I will always have a fond and special place in my heart for Trumbull.

When considering who will succeed me and serve as my state representative and although there are other good candidates, I cannot think of anyone more qualified than Laura Devlin.

I’ve had the pleasure of calling Laura a friend for the past 10 years. Over the years, I have admired the way Laura and her husband Phil have balanced their careers and family.

But Laura isn’t just a wonderful mother to her children and a successful businesswoman. Through her public service on Fairfield’s Representative Town Meeting, she has built a reputation for making responsible and measured decisions on town budgets to keep tax increases to a minimum.

I know Laura will be a smart, caring and responsible legislator who has the real life experience to effectively represent Fairfield’s and Trumbull’s interests in Hartford. I value and respect her perspective on issues of taxes and affordability, jobs and the economy, transportation and responsible governmental spending. Most importantly, Laura is a practical person with a philosophy of public service above self, committed to making a positive difference for everyone in our community.

It has been a true honor to serve you over the past six years, and I am incredibly thankful for the trust you have placed in me. Now, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Laura Devlin to continue the work on our behalf.

State Rep. Tony Hwang