Letter: New neighbor has negative agenda

To the Editor:

As a resident of Trumbull since 1994, minus my time on active duty in the Army, like many of my neighbors and friends, I take great pride that this little town of ours is nationally recognized as one of the top places in the country to raise a family. I think we can all agree that no matter where we’ve come from – Trumbull is a gem.  We have Tim Herbst and his team to thank for this recognition.

We’ve enjoyed the lowest tax increases in Fairfield County over the last six years and if you haven’t been living here long — that’s a function of Tim Herbst and his team stopping the former Baldwin administration’s plans to increase property taxes annually at a rate of 6%.

Recently, a new neighbor in town questioned why our first selectman had given himself a 20% raise. I would have said the same thing – but Tim Herbst cannot give himself a raise, it is voted on and approved by our town council…our neighbors. Not a shadowy group of financier insiders who want to drain our town to enrich Mr. Herbst. This raise is actually 4% per year over a 5-year period.  Pretty standard for the Fairfield County area – especially for a job, where there is no performance bonus – although one could argue that there should be one.

This neighbor also balked at our ‘rising taxes’ and was concerned about what the seniors in town would do if young families found Trumbull too expensive and moved out..?  Good question, but that’s for our democratic neighbors to answer – as their tax plan is for more tax dollars from our pockets, not less. Although ‘spending smarter’ seems to be on their agenda now – but Tim Herbst and his team can point to many instances where we are spending smarter.

Lastly, our new neighbor took his opportunity to learn about our town’s politics by engaging in a public quarrel on these very pages and as a result concluded that although he was a ‘non-voter,’ he is now in full support of Tim Herbst’s opponent in the upcoming election due to the fact that he did not like Jack Testani correcting the misinformation that so many people were stating. For a fact, Jack Testani has served Trumbull for the past 15 years in various positions and has fought to keep our tax increases to the lowest in the county.

Our neighbor also states that Mr. Testani questioned his patriotism. Nothing could be further from the truth. This neighbor used his military service as evidence of being a better citizen than Mr. Testani and, as a veteran, I was offended by his statement. Jack has served with great honor in our town in many capacities and so has our First Selectman.

So, as our new neighbor taunted, taking statements out of context and downright changing facts to suit, his agenda has not gone unnoticed. Also, if he is still unaware of who is running for First Selectman, may I suggest taking a quick look around town or coming to a meet and greet with Mr. Herbst and he can fill him in.
Lori Weaver