Letter: Never too late to give back to our country’s fallen heroes

To the Editor:

Thursday March 10th is “Fairfield County Giving Day” but the Connecticut Fallen Heroes Foundation might be too late to be one of the organizations to receive donations.

I’d just like to let the good folks of Trumbull know that you can also make a donation to the CT Fallen Heroes Foundation, Inc. through our web site at www.ctfallenheroes.org.

We are based right here in Trumbull and began with the tragic death of a Trumbull soldier, 18 year old PV2 Cheyenne M. Seymour, back in 2005.

Since then we’ve gone on, unfortunately, to personally remember 52 fallen heroes from CT, RI, MA, and NY at our annual tribute called “unmatched” by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman. That event is held the last Saturday in September the day before “Gold Star Mothers and families Day.”

We give portraits, handmade quilts and  our very own sculpture called “Remembrance” to all the families who lost brave love ones in war or even in accidents, stretching back to different conflicts and wars. We have also honored many living heroes and have given out hundreds of dollars in scholarships o young graduating seniors at the high schools our heroes attended. There are other things we have done, laid wreaths, supported underprivileged schools and even named streets after heroes and planted trees as well in local parks, too numerous to mention here.

Please check out our website and click on “media” and then “videos” to view our annual tribute the last seven years at Indian Ledge Park. It’s all free including barbecue lunch to the public that day.

President Calvin Coolidge may not have been the most famous president but he left us with a great quote when he said “A Nation that forgets its fallen, will also be forgotten.”

Let’s not forget, God Bless America and God bless Our Troops!
Mike Mastroni,
President & Founder