Letter: Need for responsible zoning in Long Hill

To the Editor:
Dare to drive near Long Hill Green? If the liquor business applicants have their way, then there will be two new liquor stores on either side of a residential street (Broadway Road). These stores are being considered by the “business friendly, neighborhood hostile” town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.
One liquor store is already permitted in the new shopping mall, and then another one across the street — on the corner of Whitney and Broadway.
Expect more crime and vandalism — and drunk driving.
Please tell Trumbull Planning and Zoning: Children live in the Long Hill Green area, walk the streets, ride bicycles.
Quality of life will be severely compromised by three  liquor establishments in a row!
Contact jbratt@trumbull-ct.gov. and say, “Stop the damage to our neighborhood.” Or call 203 452-5044 (Trumbull P&Z) for the safety of families in the Long Hill area.
Also, ask the state’s Liquor Control Authority to intervene against “liquor overload.”
As a community, we should demand that no permit be granted to the Whitney and Broadway Road building site, since there’s a nightclub and new liquor store across the street — more than enough business in a quiet residential areas that once knew little crime and vandalism.
Finally, Long Hill Nursery School and a Senior Center nearby should not be the unwitting victims of irresponsible zoning by the Trumbull P&Z.
Email dcp.liquorcontrol @ct.gov to make a stand.
Daniel Bender