Letter — Narcan prescription bill is a Band-Aid on the real problem

I think it is great that state Rep. David Rutigliano is trying to stop insurers from denying coverage or charging higher prices for people who have histories of Narcan, a drug that is used to reverse an opioid overdose.
This drug cannot be self-administered so people only carry it around to help others, and it often does. However, instead of advocating and spending money to advocate for and support those who carry around this drug, Rutigliano and the rest of our politicians should realize that there’s a bigger issue behind this. We should be asking ourselves, why is this a problem to begin with?
Our world, America especially, is experiencing an opioid epidemic. Our state governments should be putting money into funding programs both to educate those not struggling, and treat those who are. This argument over whether or not insurers should cover those with the drug is a band-aid for the real problem that needs to be focused on.
Gabrielle Hirsch