Letter: NFL has failed victims of domestic violence

To the Editor:

The Center for Family Justice did not need to see the second video of Ray Rice beating his then fiancée Janay Palmer to know his punishment was not enough.

And although the video is hard to watch, it points out the insidious way many women, men and children are treated on a daily basis.

Every 15 seconds, someone in the United States is a victim of domestic or sexual violence. It is so prevalent, domestic abuse costs businesses $6 million each year.

It’s about time the NFL recognized that the first punishment they gave Rice was insufficient. However, we also are aware that today’s news is often forgotten tomorrow.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is never forgotten by The Center for Family Justice or the victims we help dally; the women, men and children who are facing these issues and struggling to survive. Our vision is to end domestic and sexual assault and violence. For this to happen, it takes money.

Our hope is the NFL recognizes that they have failed the victims of domestic and sexual abuse and violence. If representatives from the NFL could attend our Speaking of Women luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 18, they would hear one of our clients speak about her journey from victim to self-sufficient survivor.

The luncheon would provide an overview of the issues surrounding domestic violence, and through education comes greater understanding.

We have extended an invitation to the luncheon to the NFL and hope that they will consider attending, to learn first-hand about these horrific societal issues.

Debra A. Greenwood


The Center for Family Justice