Letter: Must work together on challenges

To the Editor:

My name is Lainie McHugh. I am running for the Trumbull Board of Education. A Trumbull resident for the last 18 years, I have been a passionate advocate for education. Since 2009, I have been the team lead and spokesperson for Trumbull PTSA Council’s “ABC’s of the Trumbull Education Budget,” a community outreach project with the goal of encouraging all taxpayers to be educated and active participants in the budget process. I believe that wise investment in education yields great return for our entire community.

Over the next few years, educators, students and parents will face many challenges including implementation of updated curriculum aligned with Common Core Standards, new standardized testing, implementation of new teacher evaluations, and the challenges of integrating technology and ensuring its appropriate use in the classroom. They will need a Board of Education capable of leaving politics aside to budget and set policy that maintains an optimal environment to meet those challenges. We must be able to work together to balance district enrollment numbers, deal with aging buildings and security. We must be willing to work in concert with other town boards and legislators to ensure we address unfunded mandates at their source so that the cost to provide quality education for all of our students is reasonable and sustainable.

If elected, I will bring current experience, common sense and the ability to foster a positive atmosphere to achieve these goals. Please vote for me, and the entire Democratic team, on Nov. 5.

Lainie McHugh