Letter: Most important campaign issues are taxes, education and reform

To the Editor:

As a fifteen-year resident of Trumbull, an unaffiliated voter who has voted across party lines, a homeowner, and father of schoolchildren, the most important campaign issues to me are taxes and spending, education, and government reform.

We need leaders who will scrutinize current spending, measure programs for need and effectiveness, and identify wasteful spending like unneeded town-paid cars and phones.  We need leaders who will create transparent budgets and not mask real spending by moving money behind the scenes for the appearance of healthier finances. Team Tesoro promises to spend smarter, not more.

We need leaders who will strive for small classes at each educational level, expand AP and honors classes and reduce, if not eliminate current “pay-to-participate” fees that many families pay. We need leaders who will create and follow through with plans to improve aging school infrastructure, improve curriculum for STEM and foreign language subjects, and increase mental health services for students. Team Tesoro has a well-defined plan to reform education.

We need leaders who will increase transparency of town government so we have the complete picture. Team Tesoro will do this, and provide residents with information about quality of life issues before they impact citizens’ lives. Team Tesoro will reform the Code of Ethics and Ethics Commission so that it will be fair to all involved, not just those in the ruling party.

The current administration promised fiscal responsibility, but experience shows spending and taxes only increased in the last six years.  I’m tired of hearing one thing and seeing another, so on Nov. 3, I’m voting for Vicki Tesoro and her experienced and passionate team of candidates, and I urge you to do the same.
Eric G. Paulson