Letter: More money for schools and support for seniors

To the Editor:

I am voting for Doug Sutherland for State Representative in the 123rd District on Nov. 4. I ask you to join me.

Doug’s values are my values — socially progressive, fiscally moderate and prepared to work exclusively for Trumbull.

He will work to provide more money for our schools by reforming our current property tax system. Connecticut relies on property taxes more than any other state to fund its schools, but uses a system that advantages our state’s wealthier communities and yields highly unequal educational opportunities for our students and a burden for our seniors.

One example, Trumbull property owners pay 2.25 percent of their assessed value annually to fund our schools and town services. In contrast, Greenwich property owners pay 0.77 percent — about one-third of what we pay. Yet the Greenwich School District spends over 50 percent more per pupil than Trumbull. Equal educational opportunity? I think not.

Second, property taxes are not at all related to household income. This hits retired people the hardest — the very people who built our community and who have fond memories of the homes in which they raised their children. Doug will help search for a system that allows seniors to stay in town.

Doug Sutherland will make it a priority to work to create a more equitable tax system. Greater equity should mean better funding for our schools. And better schools will encourage young families to seek out our community.

Again, I ask your support for Doug Sutherland on Nov. 4.

Roy Fuchs