Letter — Moore’s words don't match her vote

I'm having a hard time reconciling Senator Moore's most recent op-ed statements and her vote against victims of sexual assault.

Senator Moore, these are your words: “Women will no longer tolerate having our voices silenced, diminished and not heard. We’re changing history and demanding accountability for the harm and violence perpetrated against women.”

It's a nice sound bite but it is not consistent with your vote to allow state workers convicted of sexual assault to keep their pensions.

Your record is as follows on Senate Bill 132: All those in favor of [Amendment C] to Senate Bill 132 that would allow CT Attorney General to revoke the pension of a state employee “convicted” of first degrees sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault while such person was a state public official or was on duty in his or her position as a state employee please signify by saying “Aye.” You, Senator Moore, voted “Nay.”

This was your opportunity to show your commitment to women instead you showed your allegiance to the unions. You did not vote for accountability. You did not vote in support of victims, you did not vote to send a positive message and you certainly did not vote to “change history.”

Words are easy. Actions are hard. Thirty state senators, Democrats and Republicans voted yes on this amendment. What became very apparent with your vote is that you fear the backlash of the very powerful state unions far more than you support victims of sexual assault.

Cindy Stewart Penkoff