Letter — Michael Redgate for first selectman

It’s that time of year again when the doorbell unexpectedly rings on a Saturday afternoon. When you peek through the window, a friendly face stands on your front porch hoping to win your vote. This year, I’m excited for residents to see Michael Redgate standing on their front porch and encourage them to give him more than just five minutes – it will be well worth the time.

Michael is the unaffiliated candidate running for first selectman and is exactly what Trumbull needs. He has more years living in Trumbull than the other candidates, is the only candidate who currently runs a business in Trumbull and has children in the Trumbull public schools. Michael has contributed to our community through his 20+ years of service with the Trumbull Rotary, 10 years serving as a member of the board of the Lakewood Trumbull YMCA and five years as the president of Trumbull Pisces.

Recently, the Senior/Community Center has been a hot topic among residents. Michael supports the concept of a center; however, feels strongly that residents shouldn’t be tasked with voting for or against the plan via a referendum until a comprehensive full cost analysis is completed. Despite numerous town meetings on the subject, it appears that there is a laundry list of unanswered questions including actual operating costs and how a traffic restructuring analysis factors into the overall total project cost.

Pushing for a referendum on a question that is far too vague and without substantiation is not something Michael supports – because he doesn’t believe it’s in the best interest of the residents to approve spending $17+million on a new building when it’s unclear if that is, in fact, what it will actually cost.

Most importantly, Michael is a kind, open-minded, hard-working, approachable and civil family man who is determined to unite the town he loves and do what he knows in his heart will be beneficial for all residents.

While I’m a registered Republican, I most often vote person over party based on which candidate I feel will best handle the responsibility put in front of them. I’m tired of the political rhetoric and name-calling that recently has unfortunately become the hallmark of Trumbull politics. Thus, in November, I will be extremely proud to give my vote to Michael Redgate as the unaffiliated candidate for First Selectman – and the candidate I feel will best serve Trumbull.

So, when that doorbell rings, don’t hide in the house and pretend you aren’t home. Open your doors and introduce yourself to a leader filled with integrity and vision. Reach out to Michael and schedule some time to chat over a cup of coffee – he wants to share his vision for our future as a community as well as hear yours. Let’s move away from the bickering and political one upmanship and focus on uniting our amazing town under the leadership of a man who is well-respected, qualified, and determined to see Trumbull come together. #OneTrumbull