Letter: Meeting candidate was highlight of family picnic

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago, the Facebook group Keep Trumbull Real (KTR), held a community picnic open to all of its nearly 1,400 members. The group exists to give members a place to talk about “real” issues affecting our town. What sets this group apart from others is that anything and everything is up for discussion, without limitation. We have a group of very passionate people and I’m pleased to say the event was a huge success.

One of the highlights of this picnic for me was meeting Tara Cook-Littman. She is currently running for State Representative for the 134th district which covers parts of Fairfield and Trumbull. We’ve been Facebook friends for some time though we met face-to-face for the first time at this picnic.

The KTR picnic offered a laid-back environment to get to know each other. I learned about Tara’s passions (food & nutrition, environmental protection and education) through the healthy, GMO-free dish she brought to share; a kale and quinoa salad. It turns out she led the effort to pass Connecticut’s “first in the nation” GMO labeling law. Brava! I saw how important children are to her, by the way she interacted with her daughters and the other children playing together on the playground. This woman is an everyday working mom facing the same issues and concerns as me, like healthy school lunch choices for our kids.

Tara is not your average politician; she is someone you can relate to. When you meet someone like Tara you’re not likely to forget it. She is energetic and engaging. She didn’t come to the picnic to further her campaign; there were no pins or handouts. Tara lives in Fairfield with her family but her dedication to our town should make her an honorary citizen of Trumbull. She is new to politics and Tara just gets it. She is up to speed about what our town’s needs and wants are and she will work on our behalf to the extent of her capacity.

I wish Tara Cook-Littman the best of luck not only in November, but always. Trumbull deserves someone like you in our corner. I hope to see you at the next Keep Trumbull Real picnic.

Angela Bulkley