Letter: Meeting Reale was a great moment

To the Editor:

My husband and I would like to say that our family had a really great experience meeting Judge of Probate candidate, Matthew C. Reale, recently at AYSO. My daughter met Matt there once before while at a soccer game that my mother took her to.

When our daughter came home, she was very enthusiastic to tell us all about her encounter with Matt. The spark had been ignited within our 7 year-old daughter to try to understand more the inner workings of how voting really works.

Our daughter asked us “Can I be elected to anything?” Then, it was “Can a girl be The President of The United States?” The questions and curiosity were flowing and it was a refreshingly different type of conversation to have with our little girl.

We saw Matt again on the field, and he could not have been more kind to our daughter. He totally remembered her too. It was such a nice experience.

Matt even made a special visit to our home and talked to our kids about the process of voting and how it all works. It was, in our opinion, above and beyond. But, for some reason, that seems like the norm for Matt Reale.

Politics can be tricky and it’s something my husband and I tend to keep more private. But this isn’t about politics for us. It’s about people. People finding a connection with one another and sharing kind moments.

We wanted to share our kind moment that we had with Matt and we wish him all the best in his future.

Jason and Portia Antonio