Letter: McHugh has no personal agenda

To the Editor:

There is a special election for the Board of Finance on July 22. I am writing this letter in support of Lainie McHugh, the Democratic candidate in this election. Lainie is a long-time community volunteer in Trumbull and I am proud to call her my friend. For years she encouraged Trumbull elected officials, Democrats and Republicans alike, to make informed and educated decisions for our community. She is responsible for developing a town wide non-partisan program to educate our citizens about both the Education and Town budget process. Lainie is the consummate volunteer. Her advocacy has only to do with what is right for our Town and nothing to do with any personal agenda. She stands for responsible priorities, financial transparency, and an informed community.

Please remember citizens of Trumbull had to file a lawsuit against the Town in order to compel this administration to let you choose your representative on the Board of Finance. This should not be necessary in a small Town like Trumbull.

If elected, Lainie will bring some balance and common sense to the Board of Finance. Right now there is no balance in Trumbull and that is not good for our Town.

If you believe in an honest and open budget process please vote for Lainie. She will make the right decisions for Trumbull. She will represent you, and every other citizen of this Town not just those in her own party. Please exercise your right to vote on July 22. Do not take this right for granted. Please remember the sentiments expressed by the literary critic George Jean Nathan. “Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

Vote MuHugh on July twenty-two!

Vicki Tesoro