Letter: Malloy’s cuts are misplaced

To the Editor:

Governor Malloy should be commended for recognizing that after six years in office, two of the largest tax increases in state history and an ever increasing budget deficit, that it's time for cuts in state spending.

Amen, brother!

But he's going about it in the wrong way by cutting funds to hospitals, schools and social services.

The largest line item on the budget is cost of employees and their benefits not to mention state pensions (that's a topic for another day) but what has he done.

Several years ago, the governor supposedly received concessions from state unions; maybe even pensioned off or laid off people.  

I didn't see any effect and, as a matter of fact, there came the tax increases. When is he

really going to do something.  

Look, I know there's families and livelihoods involved but why can't the playing field be leveled between state employees and the taxpayers, their boss.

State employees have always voted for their pocket and they should because if they don't agree to reasonable concessions in health, pension, PTO etc. they will have no pocket -— they'll be laid off. But this governor and legislature for that matter, don't have the courage to make the tough decision.  

It is their responsibility to make that decision.  

Will they lose votes? Absolutely. Will they preserve state jobs? Absolutely.Will they

preserve the state? We'll see.
Ron Rubano