Letter: Making choices and changes

To the Editor:

Did you ever consider that the same issues that tug at you as an individual, head of the household or a business owner, tug at your Trumbull town managers too? It seems everyday the cost of something goes up. If it’s not gasoline or fuel oil, it’s the electric bill or the quote you got six months ago to repair your roof.

So what do you do? You make changes and choices. Imagine having to make these decisions for the entire town?

I am Dan Marconi, a forty plus year resident of Trumbull and a candidate for District 1 Town Council. For years, my family has enjoyed all that Trumbull has to offer. Both of my children, David and Danielle, are graduates of the Trumbull School system.

I have dedicated my career in industry to reviewing manufacturing and business systems and working to reduce the cost associated with those systems. Looking at any successful business you can see reducing the cost of doing business is where they get the money to grow a business. I believe that there are opportunities to be gained in looking at the cost of running the town. Doing things the same old way gets you the same results. The Democratic team understands that there are certain things that can’t keep going by the wayside.

I am a candidate for the Trumbull Town Council and I believe the democratic Martha Jankovic-Mark team embraces these concepts and will act with financial and fiscal responsibility.

Dan Marconi

Candidate District 1, Town Council