Letter — Make an impact: Vote

I want to take the opportunity to thank the residents of District 4 for voting for me two years ago and I hope I have earned your support for re-election on November 7.

As an unaffiliated candidate and part of the minority caucus, I have sometimes questioned if I have made an impact with the votes I have cast. But what I am sure of is my caucus’ effort to publish regular summaries in the Trumbull Times, hopefully they helped keep issues transparent. We tried our best to make decisions based on what was good for all of the voters not just the ones we thought voted for us. That is why I choose to remain an unaffiliated candidate; (1) I can’t control what goes on in Washington and Hartford but I can roll my sleeves up and try to make an impact on a local level. (2) I don’t see my neighbors or friends as a member of a political party but as Trumbullites. We all have a vested interest to keep our town safe, our schools the best and taxes affordable.

Our hope continues to find a financially viable path to have our young people return after college graduation and our seniors able to remain here if they wish. This election I hope voters forget about political labels and really get to know what their neighbors who are volunteering their time for office are really all about.

Among the hot issues in this term was the community center. While I could support this in some form, in the long run, I strongly believe we have too many financial uncertainties with the state budget not being resolved. I have always felt full input from the entire community by way of a ballot question this November would have given us a better understanding of the community’s desire. I agree the structure of the senior center is not ideal and not ADA compliant. In the interim I feel we could have explored additional programming for our seniors.

My decisions are based on my business knowledge as a self employed financial consultant and local realtor. When my children were school-aged, I tried to give back to the community in the way of PTA president, catechist and participate in their sports organizations. We have a great town with a bright future and one I am proud to call home. Make an impact and cast your vote on Tuesday November 7.

Lisa Valenti, U-4th

Trumbull Town Council