Letter: Maintaining integrity of our town

To the Editor:

I, Donald Scinto, have served as a sitting alternate on the Planning and Zoning Commission since 2003. It has been my honor to actively serve Trumbull for ten years.

My solid track record of tackling challenging organizational opportunities, developing support and cooperation at all levels of an organization has been an asset. My problem solving and communication skills have helped me immensely on the Planning and Zoning Commission, along with my meticulous attention to detail.

During my tenure on the commission my attention to detail and expertise in organizational and motivation development has helped us tackle some of the hardest issues and proposals our board has had to face.

As a contributor on the Commission it has been my goal to satisfy the needs of the residents together, while maintaining the integrity of the Town of Trumbull. Working together with my fellow commissioners in a bipartisan manner is key. Nothing can be accomplished alone, and I take this very seriously.

If given the opportunity to serve you and the town once again on the Planning and Zoning Commission, with your vote on Nov. 5 on Row B, my running-mate, Frederick Garrity Jr. and I will continue to serve you in order to ensure the integrity of our town is managed appropriately and soundly.

I hope to earn your continued support and your vote on Nov. 5.

Donald Scinto