Letter: Mailer was distorted, negative

To the Editor:

You always have to watch what politicians do, not what they say.

This election Doug Sutherland, Candidate for state Representative in the 123rd District, demonstrated why he is not up for the job. While it is expected that candidates want to voice their differences and why they would be better suited for the position than their opponent, Doug took it to a whole new level. He mailed a factually inaccurate and offensive political mailing against his opponent, our state Representative Dave Rutigliano.

Mr. Sutherland, Trumbull voters deserve better. Distorted records and Photoshopped pictures is not how you win elections. Mr. Sutherland must think that we in Trumbull are ignorant. Elections are won by having a plan and a vision, not by being angry and hateful. Dave Rutigliano has demonstrated that he not only has a plan for Connecticut, but will follow through on it.

A businessman who has created hundreds of jobs in Connecticut, Dave has gone to Hartford and fought against the largest tax increase in state history, has put forward smart and balanced budgets, and has made creating opportunity for our young people his highest priority.

It’s time to send a message. One that says we won’t accept Doug’s negative, untruthful campaigning.

I will be proud to cast my vote for Dave Rutigliano on November 4th and I hope you will as well!

Cindy Penkoff

Town Council, District 2