Letter: Long Hill taxpayers deserve better

To the Editor:

I read in the June 6 issue of the Trumbull Times an article entitled “District taxpayers approve bonding for new station.” This article referenced the plans of the Long Hill Fire Department to build a new fire facility on Main Street at a cost to the taxpayers of the Long Hill Fire District of up to $7 million dollars.

According to the article only 41 people showed up to vote on this project. I am questioning why the residents of the fire district were never sent a letter regarding this critical and expensive vote and any informational meetings leading up to the vote.

When only 41 people show up on an issue that will cost all Long Hill Fire District taxpayers a substantial amount of tax money, a problem with communication with the taxpayers of the district exists.

As a resident of the district, I receive a tax bill from the district, usually in early July of each year, an informational letter could have and should have been sent to each household with this year’s tax bill, laying out when the informational meeting and vote on this vital issue would be occurring.

Transparency is always the best policy, the taxpayers of the Long Hill Fire District deserve better.

Brendan Keatley