Letter: Letter of gratitude

To the Editor:

My parents have always emphasized the power of a pen over a sword, yet I only understood it after I wrote my first letter to the Trumbull Times a few weeks ago. Ever since then I have been congratulated by my family, friends, and teachers.

It’s not the praises that enticed me, but the discovery that I can communicate with my community through words.

Since it is a holiday season, that part of the year when we reflect back and express our gratitude, I would like to use this opportunity to reach out to everyone who have touched my life. I would start with my parents who have supported me with abundant love and affection. They have taught me the virtues of life, and have always believed in me.

My brother has always been there for me and has stood up for me in difficult times; he’s my leader. Moving on, since this is my last year at DFS as I am graduating to middle school next year, I fall short of words to express my gratitude towards Daniels Farm School students, teachers, principal and administrative staff. They have contributed immensely to make me worthy enough to think and act beyond my capacity.

Adding on to that, I would never have gotten this far in music without my piano teacher, Mr. Jeff Stokely.

He has been teaching me piano ever since I was in preschool. I have always liked playing piano, but with every single passing year, my passion has grown tremendously for it. I am a swimmer with Pisces, and Pisces has been part of my life from the past two years.

All the Pisces coaches and the Pisces parents have worked a lot in organizing many meets and keeping the team closer and our spirits high. Their efforts, time and selfless services are worth a salute. There are many other people whom I would like to acknowledge; I call them the unsung heroes of my life. It amazes me when I think about our government, police and marines that have worked together to give us this peace with which we can live comfortably in our houses. When I compare myself with any refugee kid of Syria, it makes me thank all these even more. I feel so proud to be an American at all times. A million thanks to all of them. I don’t think my letter can be complete without thanking Mother Nature. She exists in every speck on earth and beyond it in all those planets that move around us and even beyond it in the Milky Way and entire universe. She makes everything happen in perfect synchronization. Can I thank her enough? I don’t think so. But I can do something, stop complaining and whining about little things and take everyday as a gift.

Rhea Ahuja

5th Grade student,

Daniels Farm Elementary School