Letter: Let's appreciate teachers every day

To the Editor:

It’s officially Teacher Appreciation Week in schools across the country. Parents and students are holding appreciation breakfasts, bringing in favorite snacks and flowers, and catering luncheons. We are happy to celebrate the amazing teachers and staff that make up the Trumbull Public Schools. Parents, students and especially the PTAs (they are the “T” in PTA, after all!) all know how lucky we are to have such talented and caring people in our schools.

I’m sure we can all name our own favorite teacher; the one you still remember today. Do our children have a favorite too? Maybe it was the teacher who helped them love to read, or is it the teacher who explained that algorithm in a way that finally made it click? The very best teachers teach us to love learning.

Let’s appreciate all that our teachers and staff contribute to our town and our students. These are the people who are experts at crowd management, and can handle tantrums and mood swings with ease. They are birthday crown makers, homework givers, champions of the arts, and experts on the teenage brain. We should appreciate these people for the rock stars they are (and some actually ARE rock stars in their spare time); not just this week, but every day of the year).

Take a minute this week to write a note to those teachers. Thank them for sharing their passion. Thank them for the encouragement and the homework. Thank them for their understanding and compassion. Thank them for getting to know our children. Thank them for the hours and the stress; for the good days and the bad. Thank you, teachers, today and every day, for the impact you are having on our kids. We appreciate you more than you know.
Jen Kehley
President, Trumbull PTSA Council