Letter: Lest we forget

Memorial Day is celebrated on Monday, May 29th this year. There will be sales, parades and picnics.

On Memorial Day, we honor all those veterans who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. It is my hope that people will take a minute, stop and recall, solemnly, the men and women who fought and died for this country. Freedom does have a price and it carries a responsibility to those left.

As we age, we pass the torch to a new generation. Are they ready and prepared?  My concern is that as each generation passes we lose a bit of that respect and thankfulness that reverence for the past. When we do not take an active part in our current government, we denigrate the spirit of the veteran, and diminish their contribution.  

Of late, I have noticed that many people want to be heard but not listen. As a teacher for many years, there is more than one side to a point of view. The ability to listen is as important as the ability to be heard. If the young have not learned this they are being short changed.

In conclusion, at the very least this Memorial Day give thanks for veterans, their service and remember the valor they demonstrated in the past to bring us liberty and freedom.