Letter: Leaf trucks never came back

To the Editor:

Now that the snow is starting to melt, I wonder if anyone from the Trumbull Parks Department has taken a drive up Edison Road, and the surrounding side streets. If they have, they have undoubtedly seen the scores of matted down piles of leaves on the roads. With the taxes that we pay in Trumbull, the leaf pick up has been a bright light, considering that is the only “free” perk in town.

That being said, I can understand Mr. Herbst’s ambitious plan to get the leaf pick up finished in a timely manner, starting in the first week of November. But doesn’t it make more sense to pick up the leaves up after they have fallen to the ground? I stood in my living room window and watched the trucks drive up Edison Road on November 7, drive right by my house, with five full Maple trees on my property, still with green leaves on them. I was certain that the trucks would be back in a month or so, much to my dismay, they did not return. I am no Mensa member, but doesn’t it make more sense to pick up the leaves when the leaves are on the ground?

Michael LeMoult