Letter — Leaders left their marks on communities

The landscape is going to change in 3 tight knit communities come November as each leader of Monroe, Newtown and Trumbull has made the decision to not seek re-election. Each for their own reasons, each in their own way and at their own time. It's interesting that they all came to us at the same time and now leave the same way.

Each of them have an impressive track record. Each vastly different personalities; something I believe comes with age and life experience.

Regardless of what the future brings for our communities, Monroe, Newtown and Trumbull have been changed forever. And for the most part, in a good way.

They have come through trials and tribulations, tragedy, major storms, conflicts over development and visions and so much more. They have always been their to lend a hand, give advice and support each other, whether asked or not.

Our communities are about to enter a new era. But the effects and the leadership of each of these people will be felt for generations to come.

Thank you all for your service.


Cindy Penkoff