Letter — Lavoie should be next first selectman

I would like to tell everyone why I think Paul Lavoie should be the next first selectman of Trumbull.

As a resident of Trumbull and a mother with children in school here, it’s important to me that we continue to have a school system that produces outstanding results. I need to be honest, the stories about money being taken away from Trumbull scare me. How will we keep things at the level we’re at if we have less money to do it?

Paul has the experience and knowledge necessary to keep Trumbull moving forward. His experience as the vice chair of the Board of Finance and finance chair of the Board of Education are what we need. He understands how to handle our town’s money better than either of the other candidates running for first selectman.

Also, I have firsthand experience of Paul’s leadership skills. Both of my sons have played hockey in the D-League at The Rinks at Shelton, and we know that Paul is caring and compassionate and he is one of the most positive people I know. He leads with class and grace and is well respected by the coaches, parents and players in the D-League.

One of the reasons we love Trumbull is because it is a vibrant community and we have a great school system. I think if we make a mistake now in choosing the wrong person to lead us into the next four years, we may see that take a big step backwards and that will not only hurt us all now, but it will hurt the future of our town as well.

I’ve never really been political before and I wasn’t even sure if I should write this or not, but to me this is too big of an issue to sit back and do nothing. It’s for my children and for the future of my family that I enthusiastically support Paul Lavoie be the next First Selectman of Trumbull.