Letter — Lavoie is the leader Trumbull needs

Last week Trumbull voters were invited to three 'Meet and Greet' events at the Senior Center with the candidates who are running for first selectman.

We were able to learn the backgrounds, working history , and the aspirations and goals each Candidate had for the Town of Trumbull.

Most of the time allotted was for questions and answers directed to the candidates. I did attend all three meetings as did many others, and most all questions were repeated to each candidate. What was different were, of course, the answers. There were no time constraints and no 'off limits' questions. The voters who attended all walked away smarter and better educated about the town politics and policies.

The independent candidate Michael Redgate came with a wish list for Trumbull and what he thought Trumbull 'should be' or 'could be.'

I applaud Mr. Redgate for his initiative as a private citizen to want to serve the town, but, sorry, Mr. Redgate came with no facts, no logical ideas, or understanding of how a town runs and almost no answers. Trumbull is not a start-up company and the next selectman can't start off by 'on the job training'.

Democratic candidate Vicki Tesoro, had an impressive resume of her by-gone days as a tax attorney. A thank you to Ms. Tesoro for her dedicated service on the many boards she has served on in Trumbull and for giving her time to enrich this community.

Ms. Tesoro focused her campaign on education and senior concerns. But that is not all that Trumbull is about. Taking this narrow approach to a town that has 36,000 + people is not conducive to the rest of the community. Not everyone has school-aged children and not everyone is a senior, there is quite a span between the two.

Ms. Tesoro cited our great educational system, but there must be more to a 'town' than its school system. There are too many 'other people' unaccounted for in this narrative. The town is too big and the requirements of being a 'great over-all' town have indeed changed. Staying in the past is just not doable.

Republican candidate Paul Lavoie was engaging from the moment he spoke. His history was that of a man who self-educated himself through hard work and formal education. Mr. Lavoie spoke eloquently of the goals he has for Trumbull, he also educated us to the realities

that Trumbull is facing. Mr. Lavoie, while noting that Trumbull is a quaint and bucolic town, it must move towards the 21st Century.

Business models / zoning regulations / infrastructure / private businesses / town buildings / community center / education were the many topics that were brought up, And after two hours of non-stop Q and A everyone left better educated and secure that Mr. Lavoie would

lead Trumbull to a bigger and brighter future. Trumbull can't continue to stagnate and revel in the past.

Times are changing for this town and for this state. Mr. Lavoie is the leader that Trumbull needs at this time.
Gail Jarvis