Letter — Lavoie is right man, right place, right time

My name is David Preusch. I am chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission and candidate for re-election. It is at Planning and Zoning where a first look at challenges confronting Trumbull are realized, as responses to those challenges often appear as applications before the Commission.

These challenges are not unique to Trumbull but are regional and state-wide, due to changing societal forces beyond any Town’s control, economically, demographically, physically and environmentally. For example, 151 of 169 Connecticut towns have seen the value of their grand list decrease since 2008. Like similar communities, Trumbull is an old town entering a new world. To preserve and maintain services, excellent schools, quality of life and that special small-town character, the headwinds of change must be confronted rather than ignored. Trumbull will not stay as it is just because we want it to.

Encouraging people to come here, live here, raise families here, stay here and age here will mean continuing to balance the interests of all residents, from our children through our senior citizens. Understanding and embracing changes that will affect all citizens of the town could likely be the biggest challenge of all.

To meet the challenge of new realities, we must look to the future and not dwell on the past. We want our schools, our parks and all that makes Trumbull an attractive place to live for today’s residents, to be equally attractive and more for tomorrow’s residents.

However, this will only happen with innovative and confident leadership prepared with plans for a more self-sufficient yet vibrant future. That is, leadership that understands the challenge of maintaining all that is good, while embracing change in a competitive world, to advance and improve the community.

I have lived here 40 years. I have seen Trumbull benefit from visionary leadership from both parties, from both the public and private sector. Leadership that was right for the time. That is why I am particularly excited about the possibility of Paul Lavoie taking up the mantle of leadership at this moment in time. Paul has, in my estimation, the background and qualifications to captain the ship that is Trumbull into those headwinds of change. He comes from a successful career as an innovator and problem solver in marketing, business development and management and is a highly-respected in the Connecticut business community. I personally can think of no better person to take over stewardship of a $170 million, taxpayer funded budget and the comprehensive management of our town. His experience as a community volunteer, lending his expertise and leadership to both the Board of Finance and the Board of Education, has given him the broad understanding of the financial and operational workings of the town that is required to face the competitive challenges of the future.

As a business professional and citizen leader, Paul Lavoie is quite simply the right man in the right place at the right time to lead the Town of Trumbull forward.
David Preusch, chairman
Planning and Zoning Commission