Letter: Keep pet store out of mall

I am writing to inform the public that there are currently plans in place to open an American Dog Club store in Westfield Trumbull Mall. American Dog Club is not a rescue organization or an animal adoption center, rather it is a pet store that sells puppies. Dogs should be adopted from shelters or bought from reputable breeders, not picked from a window in a store. I respectfully request Westfield to reconsider adding this business to our mall.

Dogs in pet stores are typically kept in unsanitary conditions and are generally in very poor health. This is not the type of establishment we want in our local mall. There is a reason that stores like these have all but disappeared, so the fact that one is being allowed to open in our town is very disturbing to me and many others. There is currently an online petition against bringing this store to Trumbull that has already accumulated over 1,700 supporters in just a few days. I assume that in a climate where malls are struggling to survive, the last thing Westfield desires is anything that would bring them negative publicity, boycotts or even public protests.

I implore Westfield to reconsider this decision and deny any rental opportunity to American Dog Club. It is the ethical thing to do, and in the very best interests of both these innocent animals and the entire community.