Letter: Keep Trumbull moving forward

To the Editor:

Nov. 3 is an extremely important election. Trumbull has the choice to return to the horrors of the Baldwin Administration, or keep moving Trumbull towards the future. Over the past six years, First Selectman Tim Herbst and his administration have ushered in a new era of fiscal responsibility, a stable tax base, and a prosperous community.

Under First Selectman’s Herbst’s watch, the town of Trumbull is within reaching distance of AAA credit rating. Team Herbst has kept the tax rate the lowest in Fairfield County, while fully funding our annual pension commitment. First Selectman Herbst’s commitment to invest in education, public safety and roads have placed Trumbull as the number one “Booming Suburb” in Connecticut, according to Coldwell Banker. The record is straight, and thanks to the Herbst Teams the people of Trumbull have a plan to build on the progress we have made together. First Selectman Herbst recently announced his plan for the future, driving home the need for financial accountability. The 2025 Plan will demand a bold push for transparent spending within the Board of Education, town government, and improve the rainy day fund, allowing Trumbull to plan for the long term.

The future of Trumbull is bright and I hope you will vote for me, Tim Herbst, and the rest of the Republican ticket on Nov. 3. Trumbull can't afford another Gov. Malloy loyalist.
Bill Haberlin
Candidate, Board of Finance