Letter: Judge Rowe is fair to all

To the Editor:

I support T.R. Rowe for re-election as Probate Judge — because of politics.

While I sometimes disagree with Judge Rowe’s political views, I remain a very strong supporter of his re-election. That is because he keeps politics completely out of the workings of his judicial office.

Judge Rowe is fair to all who come before him, regardless of their political views, affiliations or economic status. He does not let his personal political views influence how he handles the important office he now holds. He does not let his personal politics influence his judicial decisions.

You might say that once he takes his seat as a judge, he becomes blind to the wishes of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. He only sees people in need of the services he and his office can offer.

I also urge support for Judge Rowe is because he is empathetic. As Probate Judge, he frequently hears heartbreaking stories of families in conflict and crises — a host of private personal problems faced by individuals in the towns he serves. Judge Rowe has proven that he not only follows the requirements of the law but he does so in a way that demonstrates his concern for individuals, showing empathy for whatever area residents must face. He finds ways to work within the law to help.

Clearly, that is the kind of person we should continue to have serving our communities.

Michael London