Letter: Join me in voting for Costantini

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage support for the election of Rick Costantini to the Connecticut State Senate in the 22nd District. Rick was born and raised in Bridgeport, lived in Monroe and went to school in Trumbull and is a resident of Trumbull. He is a practicing attorney who specializes in municipal and elder law and has legislative experience as the Majority Leader on the Trumbull Town Council.

Rick will bring common sense back to Hartford by pushing for smaller, smarter and more responsible government, a government that works for the people. He will work to stop frivolous government spending and focus on the real needs of the people. He will work to end out of control spending, make Connecticut a more desirable place to live and stop the mass exodus caused by high taxes, job losses and the high cost of living.

Rick will fight for sound economic growth and fair tax policies that will bring new businesses into the state and help make Connecticut businesses more competitive. He will work to bring meaningful jobs back to Connecticut.

Connecticut can’t afford another four years of the same policies. Rick believes in the great potential of the people of Connecticut. On Nov. 4, the people of the 22nd District have an important choice to make at the polls, stay the course or bring new innovative ideas to Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Rick Costantini for state Senate.

Joe Pifko,

Town Council, District 4