Letter: It's time for a change

To the Editor:

There’s a special election coming up in Trumbull on July 22 to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Finance. Trumbull voters should cast their vote for Lainie McHugh.

How is one-party rule working for Trumbull?

Trumbull taxes go up by 2.8% on July 1, and spending goes up by over 3%, even though the rate of inflation was 1.5% last year.

Trumbull sewer use rates skyrocketed by an astounding 34% last August, and there is no end in sight. Trumbull hasn’t been able to negotiate a new sewer contract with Bridgeport since the last one expired two years ago, and the results have been disastrous for Trumbull homeowners. Trumbull is now suing Bridgeport and the sewer contractor, and the town has not released audited financials for the WPCA for years. Residents don’t know how much money the WPCA has. How does this lack of transparency serve the people of Trumbull?

A total of 1,907 tax liens were placed on Trumbull homes in January for unpaid sewer use bills of $5 or more, even though in many cases, a reminder notice had not been sent. That’s almost 20% of the homes with sewers in Trumbull. Do you know what a tax lien does to your credit score?

We lost 49 acres of our town in the failed negotiation with Bridgeport regarding the magnet high school. Now, the Trumbull Public Schools just did a redistricting that focused solely on one high density apartment complex near the Bridgeport border. Despite calls from parents for an open forum to allow parents to voice their opinions and have their questions answered, the Board of Education proceeded without scheduling even one.

These indicators show a town going in the wrong direction, and they are evidence of the arrogance of power — one party rule. It’s time that Trumbull had more balance in government.

Lainie McHugh will bring balance to the Trumbull Board of Finance. She will watch every penny of spending and bring better budget priorities so that we spend taxpayer funds more efficiently and effectively. Lainie will be a staunch advocate for reasonable sewer use rates, and Lainie will push for the release of audited WPCA financials. Lainie McHugh will fight for increased senior tax relief for those residents who need it most, but will advocate for measures to stop millionaires from receiving a senior tax break paid for by everyone else. Lainie McHugh has been a tireless community and civic volunteer, and she will bring her dedication and energy to the Board of Finance and listen to all residents.

Trumbull, it’s time for change. Vote for Lainie McHugh on July 22. Thank you.

Mary Beth Thornton

Vice Chair

Trumbull Democratic

Town Committee