Letter: It's about fairness to Trumbull, not a political party

To the Editor:

A one-sided argument should never be left to stand unchallenged; especially when the argument is wrong.

A recent letter to the editor accused the Republican Caucus for the Town Council of playing politics and being “unfair” in their appointment of an alternate candidate for the Board of Finance. They were not. While each of us may have our own idea why we voted as we did, the thought that someone would presume to read our minds and intentions instead of listening to our words, I find distasteful. We are not political puppets, we are individual people with very clear opinions and views that belong to us.

I would like to point out, Mr. Greene was given the opportunity to present his credentials, the same as all candidates; at the subcommittee level. After each subcommittee hearing, the Town Council is provided with minutes. All parties caucus prior to each full meeting to go over the agenda. If there are questions on the minutes, members of those subcommittees will answer them. If they do not know the answer, it is our understanding the person will be present and we may ask them. In this case there were no questions therefore no need to rehear the subject matter.

Next, you can’t say that politics shouldn’t have a place in an appointment in one breath and then say it’s only “fair” to appoint a Democrat in another. That is politics, pure and simple.

So here is what I think is fair. Fair is deciding who the best person for a job is, regardless of their political affiliation. I owe “fair” to one group and one group only; the residents of Trumbull. I don’t owe a party or a candidate “fair.” I owe the residents the best possible person to represent them, fight for them and listen to them. That is who I get to be “fair” to, that is who I need to be fair to.

Finally, I worked very hard for Bill Haberlin in the recent special election. I did so because I know he was the better candidate. He was the candidate for all the town not a portion of the town. I did not feel any differently only weeks later. That is not partisan, it is not political. It is standing by your convictions.

Mr. Tesoro did get one thing correct in his letter on 9/12, watch the video tape. I think it will be very clear who was playing politics.

Cindy Penkoff

Town Council, District 2