Letter: Informed state voters will support national compact

In Greg Darak’s latest letter regarding his support for Connecticut’s current system of distributing its Electoral College votes — a system which sidelines Connecticut in the election of the president and vice president — there were too many inaccuracies to enumerate in this forum.

Mr. Darak and I do agree on one thing: You, the reader, should make up your own mind. However, rather than conduct strange and unrelated thought experiments (the UN does not have much in common with the Electoral College), I would encourage Connecticut voters to educate themselves about our national voting system and how the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact might affect it in practice.

“Every Vote Equal,” an exhaustively researched, nonpartisan book on the topic, is available for free download at every-vote-equal.com. The 50 cosponsors of H.B. 5434, under which Connecticut would join the Compact, are available at bit.ly/NPVCTbill.

Connecticut voters should seek to understand why these representatives support the bill. If they are convinced, they should ask Rep. Dave Rutigliano and Senator Marilyn Moore to join as cosponsors, to affirm that Connecticut's first principle in all elections applies to national elections: “one person, one vote."