Letter — I lost the race, but not the fight

Ashley Gaudiano
Ashley Gaudiano

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the people of Trumbull and Fairfield. Despite the outcome of last week’s incredibly close election, I am so proud of the campaign that dozens of people invested their time, energy, and passion into. It was the honor of my life to run for this position, and despite coming up short, we truly gave it everything we had.

Our team knocked over ten thousand doors. We made tens of thousands of phone calls. Each of you graciously opened your door and had conversations with me, setting aside political leanings to have honest, albeit sometimes difficult conversations. We are all better because of it.

Congratulations to Laura Devlin. I wish her luck on facing the state's biggest challenges. I hope that she will work across party lines with all members of her constituency as a strong advocate for the 134th District over these next two years. Tens of thousands of people in this district need and deserve nothing less.

Despite how polarized the world can feel, there is much that brings us together. We all love our towns, our neighbors, and we want the same things — stable taxes, a prosperous economy for all, great schools, and a place where seniors can comfortably retire. I hope that we can find ways to come together to work towards these outcomes.

I remain hopeful that we can make Connecticut the best version of itself if we work collaboratively to bring creative solutions to the table.

I may have lost this race, but I did not lose this fight. As a member of the Trumbull Town Council, lawyer, and community volunteer, I am dedicated to the causes I care about. I will not forget the stories you shared with me. I will not lose my drive to make our state and country better for our children.

All I ask is that you do the same. Work harder than ever. Your voice needs to be louder than ever. Pay attention. And do something every day that you believe in.

Ashley Gaudiano